Silent Response Cards! Awesome Assessment Tool!

Class participation....there's a phrase that I find myself repeating over and over at parent conference time!  Every year I have a handful of sweet, bright students, who just won't raise their hand to participate in sharing answers aloud.  At times I will call on them, even when their hands are not up.  However, it's when they come to raising their hand on their own, and sharing out the right answer, that they get that awesome, outward satisfaction of "I KNOW THIS!"

I was thinking about this topic today because I pulled out my Response Cards to use for this Friday.  I'm going to be doing a review with my students, and after putting together a list of questions in PowerPoint, I decided I'm going to have students use these response cards to show me what they know (or actually, it's great for figuring out what they don't know too!).  The added bonus, students can do this as a silent group activity!

Here's how these Silent Response Cards work:

1.  Teacher asks or posts a question for students to respond to:

-Possible answer choices on these cards are: yes, no, true, false, A, B, C, D (multiple choice activities), greater than, less than, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 0

2.  Students then thumb through their response cards to find the appropriate answer.  When they think they have the answer, they hold only that card (or combination of cards) up.

Because these cards are color-coded, it's easy for teachers to quickly spot how much of the class understands something, or which students are going to benefit from some small group re-teaching!


Teacher asks aloud, "What is 454 minus 200?"  Students should hold up:

So the teacher can quickly see, just based on the three colors, which students have the correct or incorrect answer!  I love that these can be used for any subject, any time.  Sometimes I will even take students outside to do this (we all sit in a circle), just for some fresh air.

I have templates (including step-by-step directions with pictures) on sale this week, if you click here.

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