Parent Communication Freebie Set!

Hello!  Parent Communication seems to be the buzz over in the TpT Seller's Forum, so I thought I would share a Parent Communication Freebie Set that has been a great help in all the grade levels that I have taught.

The first page is a Parent Volunteer Sign-Up Form, which you can use as a sample of how to create your own.  Now I know this is more of a September item, so feel free to file it away for the fall. :-)  The second form is a Parent Volunteer Survey.  I LOVE this because it is so helpful when I want to get little "treats" for my volunteers.  I try to get each weekly volunteer a treat once a trimester, and I always do an end of year gift for ALL of my volunteers....An entire post will be coming soon on parent volunteer gift ideas.

The third page in the freebie set is a weekly student reflection form.  This activity is a quick ten minute closing activity that I do on Friday afternoons.  Students have the opportunity to write down a few highlights from their week, as well as set a goal for the upcoming week.  I have had numerous parents comment on how helpful this was in getting students to discuss what is going on at school (those upper graders can get quiet when the topic of school arises).  

How do you keep your parents in the loop?  I'm always looking for new and creative ideas, so please leave a comment and share...or better yet, leave a link if you've posted up on this before!  



  1. Thank you for the great ideas. I LOVE the parent volunteers form. Quick question...what font did you use on that. It looks great, thanks again.

    First Grade with a Cherry on Top

    1. Hello! Thanks for your comment and I'm glad this set can be useful for you. :-). The fonts I used on these forms come from Jen Jones (her "Hello Fonts"). Thanks for stopping by!


  2. I really Love your products, finally I have found a unit theme to go with!


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