ABC Letter Recognition Activity

With fall right around the corner, I have been having fun practicing letters with my little guy. I don't ever want learning to feel like work, and I definitely don't want him to experience "kill and drill," so I try to incorporate as many hands-on activities as I can find (or create).  This activity was inspired by a picture of an alphabet tree that was made over at Blissful Roots

By Blissful Roots
When I saw this tree, I was inspired to create a fun activity to match upper and lower case letters using apples. If I had felt on hand, I would have made an interactive felt tree....maybe a future project? ;-)  But, what I always have handy is my computer, so I whipped up this ABC Matching Tree activity. It was a hit with my little guy, and I was really impressed that he wanted to sit and do the entire tree!  Here's the activity:

Each kiddo gets a set of lowercase apples and an uppercase apple tree activity sheet:

Cut out the lowercase apples and glue them to the matching uppercase letter:

Color the apple tree!

Ta Da! We are still working on coloring in the lines. ;-)

Happy ABC matching and thanks for stopping by!

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