Sight Word Activity Books!

My four-year-old is really excited about reading...yippee! I was having a hard time finding a set of emergent reader sight words books, so I decided to create my own. Each Sight Word Activity Book focuses on one sight word at a time. Every page has a predictable phrase, so beginning readers can actually "read" the book. After reading the story, and tracing the sight word, there are four interactive activities: "Find It," "Write It," "Color It," and "Connect It." These activities are perfect for independent practice with the sight word. 
There are so many different ways to use the interactive activities  For example, the "Color It" page can be done with just crayons or markers, or you can get creative and have students tear and glue colors, use sequence to pattern the letters, or even use paint! For the "Write It" page, I like to have students use a pencil first to trace it, then use three different colored markers to trace it again for a total of four times. With the "Find It" page, it is fun to let students do X's and O's. Use a dot marker to dot or "O" the sight word they are finding and use a marker to X out the other sight words, reading each word as they go.

Here  are two Sight Word Activity Book freebies, perfect for the holidays:

If you like the books, you can save 50% and grab the bundles (only .50 per book!):

Happy reading and I hope you've been INSPIRED! 

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