Literature Circles "What am I supposed to do while reading" Bookmarks

Yipee! Thank you for all of the wonderful feedback on my Literature Circles: Job Sheets and More pack!  I am so happy that this activity pack is helping so many teachers get literature circles up and running in their classroom.

I remember teaching my second graders (YES, second graders CAN participate in literature circles) how to do the various jobs.  I can also remember hearing the same question over and over again, "Mrs. Lane, what am I supposed to be doing during my reading?"  It took about a month of practicing with the different jobs before they had it down. 

One tool that really helped students learn the various jobs were these Literature Circle Bookmarks:

I have made these to include three different templates...the second page of this file gives you options for how to use each bookmark.  If you have another way that you like to use them, please leave a comment and share!  

I hope you enjoy and happy reading!


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