Spelling Activities: Setting Up a Spelling Center

Spelling centers are such a fun way to reinforce the vocabulary that students are learning each week! I remember being a beginning teacher and feeling like I just wasn't doing enough with our weekly spelling words. Each week, I would give a pre-test on Monday and send the spelling list home that night. We didn't do much more than that in class. I would assign the dreaded "Spelling Sentences" which were due each Thursday, and then on Friday I would give the post spelling test. Spelling was not fun in my class. :-(

So, my second year of teaching I was on a mission to create FUN, interactive activities that could be done as a literacy center in class, as well as weekly spelling choice homework.  After two years of trial and error, I finally had a successful spelling center that was fun for the students and low-prep for me! Yay! Here's how I set it up:

I knew I wanted an easy-access, quick to refill system, so I opted to use a file crate. I set up file folders and put the spelling activity names on each of the file tabs. Easy peasy!

Initially, I only had eight different activities for students to choose from. However, these eight activities quickly became a favorite center time for students, so I started creating more! Soon, I had over 20 activities and now I'm up to 35 FUN ACTIVITIES that students love! 

In each file folder, I keep 50-75 copies of the spelling activity. Once a week, a parent volunteer checks the spelling center to replenish any activity sheet that's running low. In the back of the spelling crate, there is a "master" file, so my parent volunteer can easily access activities to photocopy. This center is seriously so low-maintenance! 

Sometimes I assigned a specific activity for centers, or as homework, and other times I just let students have free choice. It was amazing how even during our weekly P.A.T. (Preferred Activity Time) students chose to do a spelling center activity over playing games.

I want to share a few of my (and my students') favorite spelling activities as a FREEBIE! There are three different activities included and you can download the freebie here:
If you are ready to start your own spelling center, you can grab the entire Spelling Activities Pack which includes over 35 activities for word lists of 10 words, 15 words, 20 words and 25 words! So you can easily differentiate your activities for students in your class! OR, if you move grade levels, you can take this tool along. :-) Click here for the pack!

I hope setting up your spelling center is a breeze!

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