Candy Corn Place Value

There are so many fun activities that can be done with the beloved candy corn! In fact, Pinterest is overflowing with ideas for using candy corn across all subjects. I recently shared a Candy Corn Reading activity, but I want to also share a math activity that my second graders loved...Candy Corn Solve & Cover!
I made this activity for my guided math group time during our Place Value to 100 unit. Students get to practice recognizing numbers in standard form, expanded form, in sequence and in written form. 

Here's how it's done:

1. Each student in the group gets a Candy Corn Solve & Cover mat and 9 Candy Corns.
2. The teacher shows the group one of the "solve cards."
3. Students check their candy corn mat to see if they have the answer to the solve card. If they do, they use a candy corn to cover the answer. If they don't, they wait for the next solve card to be displayed.

4. Once a student in the group has covered all of the answers, he/she says, "candy corn." The teacher checks the answers against the solve cards used to see if they correctly solved and covered their mat. 

5. If a student has won, we clear the mats and play again! And again! And again!

Once students have played this game with me in guided math groups, I keep a couple extra sets ready to go in large Ziplock baggies for them to play in partners as an early finisher activity. 

Here's a free copy of this activity! I have included a black and white version in case you are trying to save some ink.

Click the pictures below to see PLACE VALUE CENTERS that teachers and students LOVE!

I hope your students enjoy this place value fun!

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