CVC Words Seed Sort Activity

Today I put together a CVC Words Seed Sort and I want to share it with you. Here's how we did this interactive activity:
First, we practiced our fine motor skills with cutting out the CVC seeds. Next, we read through each of the seeds and then decided on which pumpkin mat they belonged. Finally, we glued the seeds in place and then (barely) colored the pumpkins.

After doing the first round of "seed sorting," I decided to make a pumpkin mat included both pumpkins on one page. Also, I created smaller seeds that can easily be cut into little squares. This way, students that struggle with cutting can be more independent and successful in the cutting/gluing part of this activity. 

Here is a second round of seed sorting that was cut, glued, and read independently. All that is missing is the color. ;-) 

HERE'S a FREEBIE of this activity for you to use in your classroom or at home! 

I hope you enjoy! 

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