Flip Books For All Subjects!

I love an activity that can be used across all subjects, and all grade levels!  Flip books are a tool that I have used with first graders, up through sixth grade. I think the best part about them is that students don't feel like they're doing 'work' with these, since they have an opportunity to be creative and illustrate. 

Here is a FREE flip book that I use during language arts:

I have used this flip book during guided reading, as well as during a class read aloud. This activity keeps students engaged as active readers and/or as active listeners. Here's how you can use this freebie during a class read aloud:

As you start reading, find an appropriate place to stop in the text, and let students first make a prediction about what will happen next. You can also have students predict before the story even begins. I usually have them write a short phrase/sentence about their prediction and then below it draw a matching picture (we add more details to our pictures AFTER reading time is finished).  
Continue reading, and find a stopping point again. This time let students think of a question to ask (either to a character, about the plot, or even to the author). Students write the question and add a picture.

My favorite "page" is next...mental imagery! You will stop for a third time during the read aloud and let students have time to draw a picture of a part of the story that is in their minds. Have them write a small caption below the picture.  

The last flip book page is blank.  I let students be creative in what they would like to add here. I have had students ask more questions, tell about their favorite character, favorite part, an alternate ending, etc... It's fun to see what the kids come up with!

I just posted a revised version of my new Flip Books: For All Subjects, which now includes over 30 different flip books that can be used for multiple subjects...math, reading, writing, science, social studies and more!

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