Days of the Week Chart

I love finding effective and inexpensive teaching tools! One of my favorite "tricks" I learned as a new teacher was purchasing the large teaching posters and cutting them apart to use as display on my whiteboard, in a pocket chart or on a bulletin board. 
I found such a cute Days of the Week poster and decided it would be perfect to cut apart to use to reinforce the days of the week. Here's how I deconstructed this chart to display it on our whiteboard:

1. I purchased this Days of the Week poster:

2. I cut it apart so that I had all seven days separated as well as the "header":

3. I added two small pieces of magnetic tape to the back of each strip:

4. I displayed the days on the whiteboard and placed a magnet next to the day:

Along with this chart, a fun song to incorporate into your morning routine is the Days of the Week song that is sung to the Addams Family theme song. Check it out HERE.

After singing our song, we would say, "today is _________, yesterday was _________ and tomorrow is ___________." This really helps students grasp the concept of today, tomorrow and yesterday! 

And that's it! Easy peasy! This simple routine takes less than three minutes each morning, but it's oh so effective in teaching the days of the week. 

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