Teaching Basic Shapes

Today I introduced my two year old to the basic shapes by using a simple shape poster (cut apart). 

First, I cut out each shape and its name separately. Then, I put a pieces of magnetic tape on the back of the shapes and names. Next, I set aside the names (for my five year old), and then my two year old and I started playing with the shapes. I told her what each one was, we identified its color, and then we played the "What shape is behind Mommy's back?" game.  She was hooked! 

Once she was confident with the four basic shapes, I introduced the diamond and oval (I introduced it as a diamond, not a rhombus...that will come later).

When we were done playing with the shapes, I had my five year old match up the word name to each shape. He's a beginning reader, so he was able to sound out the first sound in each shape to match them up. You don't see it in this picture but we played with all of the shapes, including the trapezoid, pentagon, hexagon and octagon.

After dinner, we came back for some more fun. Our final game was "Guess my Shape!" My son and I took turns describing attributes about each shape to see if the other could guess it. Once we guessed correctly, we had to match the shape to the word name. 

When we were all done with our shapes, I put them in this handy caddy, along with some magnetic alphabet letters and Expo markers. 

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