Limerick Shamrocks

March is a favorite of mine, because it means spring is on the way and poetry month is coming up! In both second and fourth grade, my poetry unit was the writing highlight of the year...for students and ME!  I spent five weeks teaching 14 different styles of poetry, and at the end of April, students had the most amazing poetry portfolios! Ahhh, how proud I always felt of my kiddos...

I wanted to share with you a poem craftivity that's perfect for March...the Limerick Shamrock.

A limerick is an Irish poem that follows an AABBA format. Here's an example of one I wrote from the Limerick Poem Introduction page in my poetry unit:

After students would write their final draft on the "final copy paper" for their poetry portfolio,  I let them create three more limericks for the Limerick Shamrock. I encouraged students to be as silly (but still appropriate) as they could be. On St. Patrick's Day, we would celebrate with a mini-Author's Tea.  I would bring in Irish Soda Bread and juice for students to enjoy while sharing their limericks.

All you need to do is give each student a blank and lined shamrock to cut out.  

After students have their shamrocks cut out, they glue only the center and the stem together, leaving the "leaves" free.

Then, they fold the top layer as shown in the picture to create the 3-D effect.  Now the shamrock is ready for some limericks!

CLICK HERE to get your free copy! These make an awesome bulletin board display for the month of March!

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