Missing Numbers to 50!

HELP! That sneaky leprechaun has come and taken some of our numbers! He has left us clovers in place of the missing numbers and we need to get them back! For every number that we identify, our class will earn one gold coin for the class "pot-o-gold."

Students are hooked! They are motivated to take back the numbers and earn gold (chocolate coins) for the class. This is such a fun and interactive way to review numbers to 50!

You can have students simply identify the missing numbers by pointing to a clover and saying the number, or you can make it more challenging by asking questions: i.e. "What missing number is between 33 and 35?" If you want to get students moving, another fun way to play is to hide clovers around the classroom with the missing numbers on them. Students hunt for the clovers and as a class they take turns coming up to identify where their missing number is on the chart. FUN! FUN! FUN!

For each number students identify correctly, you can place a gold (chocolate or not) coin into a jar, or pot. After the activity is over each kiddo gets a gold coin.

The prep is super simple for this activity. You need a piece of construction paper or chart paper, and a sharpie to make a number chart (easily adaptable for numbers to 100, too).

Place foam clover stickers on the chart to make certain numbers "missing."

 Fill in the number chart and you're ready to go!

I hope you've been inspired!

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