Handwriting Practice: Letters and Numbers

Kindergarten is off to a great start and we have been doing lots of handwriting practice this week! We are working primarily on lowercase letter formation and numbers to 20.

One of my favorite ways to practice these skills is by painting letters and numbers with water and a paintbrush on the ground. It’s amazing how fun and simple this activity is, all while getting in some great fine motor practice!

Another interactive way we practice is by “air writing.” This is exactly what it sounds like…using your finger to write in the air. We play a guessing game to see if we can guess each other’s letter or number by watching their finger formation in the air. Try this during circle time and have students mimic your "air writing." It's a fun way to practice those attention skills, too, since students have to keep their eyes glued on you (or your finger) for this. :) 

For additional number practice we have been making our Monthly Traceable Event Calendars. These calendars are a fun way to have students practice writing numbers to 31, as well as reinforce days of the week and months of the year.  Students trace the month, year and dates, and then get to use a pattern to create a fun craft to go with each month. 
For September, I chose the apple pattern and we used pieces of cut foam to decorate it. This is great extra fine motor skills practice, too! My FAVORITE PART of the calendars are the optional event “stickers” that students get to cut out and glue on corresponding dates. 
This is a fun way for students to highlight holidays, school events, birthdays and more. 

Finally, I want to share with you a few extra activity pages I whipped up for additional reinforcement. Each page has two differentiated options, so you can choose the level of difficulty for your kiddos. The first activity page is tracing and filling in the missing lowercase letters in each pumpkin. 

The second is similar, but for numbers to 20. 

Finally, the last page is an introduction to ten frames, with two options: matching numbers to their ten frame (easier) and filling in the dots to the ten frames to a matching number (shown below).

You can grab these free printables HERE! 

Looking for more alphabet practice? Try out Alphabet Activity Books (for free) for more interactive letter practice!

Thanks for reading along and I hope you've been INSPIRED! 

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