Free Calendars 2017-2018

I love calendars and I love to plan! There is so much satisfaction in putting something down on paper and seeing it completed; whether it's a lesson plan, a schedule for guided reading groups, or even a monthly dinner plan. I have also heard from many of you, how you love to use these calendars for holiday fun!

So making their fourth-year debut, here are the updated 2017-2018 (free)"Cutesy Calendars!" You can grab your set at the bottom of this post.
With loving calendars so much, I had to make a set for primary students! So I decided that each month we would do a calendar craft and add some event "stickers" to our calendars. This is an example of our September calendar...

Students get a blank craft pattern (each month has two choices...I chose the apple) and get to decorate it using tissue paper, foam pieces (shown), glitters, buttons, or anything else fun and tactile that you can think of!

Next, students get a calendar and practice their number/letter formation by tracing over the dates, month and year.

Then, students glue the craft page and the calendar page onto a large 9x12 piece of construction paper that has been folded in half.

Finally, for my favorite part (the planning part :), students get a strip of event "stickers" for the month. You can print them out on large sticky label sheets if you want actual stickers, but we just cut and glue them on.

The final products alway turn out so cute!!!!

These calendars are great to send home at the beginning of each month so parents can keep them on display in the house and know what's happening at school! #winwin

If you want to start Traceable Monthly Calendars in your class, you can grab the set here in my store. It already includes five years of calendars, blank calendars and will get updates for future years!

If you would like a set of your own (free) Cutesy Calendars for personal and/or classroom use, just click here.

I love seeing your creations, so feel free to tag me anytime @InspiredElementary on Instagram. Happy planning!


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  1. Yay! So excited to find this so easily! I am putting together my stuff and realized I hadn't printed out next years calendar pages. Couldn't find the file but looked up your site (cause it was written on old copies) and came to the 17-18 calanedar first thing! Just downloaded it fromTpT. And I love the idea of having the kids make one!