The Compliment Box

The Compliment Box is another one of my favorite classroom management tools. Teaching students how to compliment one another not only promotes kindness, but it provides them with an opportunity within the school day to practice that kindness.
WHAT YOU NEED: To set up your own Compliment Box, all you need is a small box (I used a cardboard box and painted it) and some Compliment Cards printed on ASTROBRIGHTS paper. 
WHEN IT'S DONE: Students can leave compliments for each other if they finish a task early, at the beginning of recess, or right after school.

HOW IT'S DONE: Students (or teachers) take a Compliment Card and fill it in. Some students leave their names and others are anonymous. During closing time each day, pull two or three Compliment Cards and read them aloud. After reading, give the card to the student being complimented, so they can take it home and share it with their family.
Having a Compliment Box in your staff lounge is a great way to promote community and kindness among the staff at your school site, too!

I would love to see your Compliment Box in your classroom or staff lounge! You can tag me @InspiredElementary on Instagram to share your photos. are some free Compliment Cards to get you started! Here are some free Compliment Cards to get you started!

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