OCTICORN is one of my new favorite picture books for teaching students that IT IS OKAY TO BE DIFFERENT! This cute story is about a octopus/unicorn who doesn't seem to fit in with either group.
This book provides lots of good teaching points for students, too.

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Octicorn experiences what it's like to be different, so this book is a great reminder for students to include others even if they look or act differently than them. I especially love this lesson at the beginning of the school year. 

After I read the book, I have students write about how they could help Octicorn feel like he belongs, even if he doesn't look the same as them. After students write, I have them share with each other in small groups so they can hear one another's ideas. 

I have put together a few different FREE writing response templates that you can choose from. 
You can have your kiddos write about their favorite part of story, or use the blank template to have them write about a time that they felt different or left out. Another fun twist is to have students do a  creative writing activity and where they come up with their own new hybrid animal (ex. bear + monkey = bearkey).
 Don't forget to grab your copy of OCTICORN!  Also, you can grab my free writing template here

If you are looking for more comprehension and book activities, be sure to check out my Reading Response Activities that can be used with any text. 

I hope you enjoy this book!

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