Sticker Story Paper FREEBIE!

Sticker Stories are a fun way to get kids excited about writing!  They are not only a great tool for the classroom, but also for at home, motivating your own children to practice their writing skills.

How Sticker Stories are done: The Child.....

1.  Chooses ONE sticker and places it anywhere in the picture box on the Sticker Story Paper. This can also be done with preschoolers, but instead of them writing the story, YOU write the story for them.  Or, if you are a preschool teacher, you can do this as a shared writing activity! I have seen some great sticker stories in my time.  I think the most memorable one was from a second grader that I had a few years back.  He placed a tree sticker in the center of his page, drew a grassy scene surrounding it, with one bird sitting in the tree (it was really more on top of the tree sticker).   Then, he wrote a whole story about the "Bird Traveling from Space."  This bird was taking a break on the beautiful, green (sticker) tree, because it was tired from the long journey.  The story had great details and I loved the imagination behind it.  It's amazing to see how kids' imaginations start rolling with this activity! I hope you will give Sticker Stories a chance in your classroom or at home!  You can even turn it into a contest, where another class (or family member if at home) votes on the "Super Sticker Story" of the week.   Here are two Sticker Story Paper freebies!

2.  Draws a background for the sticker, complete with color.

3.  Writes a story inspired by the sticker, or practices writing descriptive sentences (great for K-1).



  1. Your "sticker stories" seem like a fun & motivating way for even my 4th graders to write. Thank you!

  2. Thank you. These are great!

  3. Your sticker stories is absolutely cute and fun! The kids will surely enjoy it.

  4. sticker stories" would appear that a fun & rousing path for even my fourth graders to compose