Calendar Gift: Cutesy Calendar FREEBIE!

Handprint calendars make the sweetest gift for parents to receive from their student during the holiday season! I love these because they are simple and very budget-friendly. All you will need is a set of my (FREE) Cutesy Calendars and some washable paint that is safe for finger painting.
First, have the students use their handprints or fingers to create artwork that goes along with each month. Here are a few examples for February, March and April:

**You can see more ideas for ALL 12 months included in the freebie below.

After all 12 months are completed, assemble the top half of the calendar (being the student artwork) to the bottom half of the calendar (being my free Cutesy Calendars). If your school has a spiral binding machine that works best. If you don't want to use paint, there are tons of other ideas on Pinterest for calendar crafts.

Finally, have students decorate a tag for their parents and tie it to the calendar using ribbon, yarn, or whatever else you have on hand.

You can grab your free set of Cutesy Calendars and handprint ideas HERE!

Together we can inspire a love of learning,

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