Planet Flip Book

This next week at school is space week. I created this planet flip book that is a fun way to introduce the order of the planets from the sun. This activity is simple and effective, all while pulling in some fine motor skills practice.
To begin this activity, I introduced the sun and each planet, showing pictures and sharing interesting facts about each one.

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Next, I had prepared pre-made flip book templates and a page of circles to cut out (directions below). We used this construction paper.
I hand drew the different sized circles to represent each planet. Here's what it looked like when glued down. I bet you can easily spot Jupiter!
Another option, instead of using blank circles for the planets, is to use  this freebie pre-made planet sheet and have students cut out each planet.
Once the sun was cut out, we cut it in half to fit at the top of the flip book.
After the sun and planets were all glued down in the correct order, we wrote the names of each plant behind the flaps (using a white crayon). We used this flip book to give each other clues and play "guess that planet."

Here's a picture showing the dimensions of each flap for the flip book, starting from the top measuring down. This is a great project to have a parent volunteer prep for you!
There are tons of great sites for finding fun facts about the plants. One site that we have used and loved is Plants For Kids.

Here's another fun activity we did showing the order of the planets from the sun and how they orbit. All you need is black construction paper, colored construction paper for the planets, a glue stick, scissors and a white crayon!
Finally, if you are doing a space unit in second-fourth grade,  here is a simple flip book where students fold, cut the flaps and write facts on the inside. This is great for taking notes during a space video or for a fact-matching activity.

I hope you've been inspired!

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