Letter B and Letter D Reversal Posters

There are so many wonderful anchor charts out there on Pinterest for ideas to help with letter reversals. We have been working on visual discrimination when reading lowercase letter b and letter d. Once I introduced my kindergartener to the "b is for belly and d is for diaper" picture it has stuck! In fact, when we were reading our CVC words today, he smirked as soon as he came to a "d" word....I know he was thinking about that stinky diaper. :) This is the picture that I found on Pinterest to introduce the idea....it didn't have a photo credit, but thank you to the genius that came up with this!

I decided I wanted posters of this great visual cue to display, so I created these (FREE) posters. Scroll down to see the half-page and full-page formats, both with the letters colored in and without.

There are also full-page formats with and without the letters filled in:

You can grab yours HERE!

I hope you've been INSPIRED!


  1. too funny! I say, "b has a belly and d has a derriere." :)

    1. Haha! I love that! Thanks for sharing. :)