Roll to 100!

There are so many fun games that can be played with a 100 Chart! One of my favorites is Roll to 100. 

This is a game that I created as a low-prep, fun place value center for my second graders...and they loved it! I have also used this game with first graders to practice identifying odd and even numbers, and for teaching my four year old number recognition to 100. Here are the details for the three different ways I have used this game, starting with number recognition.

When using Roll to 100 for number recognition, no recording sheet is needed. So, it can be played in the preschool years since writing skills aren't necessary. Here's how my little guy and I played:

Each player takes turns rolling the dice and coloring/Xing the number on which they land (this is great for counting on skills, too). As the player is coloring the number, they have to say the number aloud correctly. If they say the number correctly, they move on and it's the next player's turn. If they say the number incorrectly, they lose their next turn, giving their opponent two turns in a row. The first player to get to 100 wins!

Another way to play is using Roll to 100 to practice odd and even numbers. For this version, a recording sheet is needed. Students take turns rolling the dice and coloring in or boxing the number on which they landed. They then record that number on the recording sheet and write down if it is odd or even. The other player checks their answer and if it's correct they continue on. If it is incorrect, that player forfeits their next turn. They play until one partner gets to 100. 

Last, but definitely not least, is using Roll to 100 to reinforce place value skills. For this version, students get a recording sheet and take turns rolling and coloring numbers like above. However, when they record the number on which they landed, they have to represent that number in some other form. It can be by writing out tens/ones, writing the number in word form, writing it in expanded form, drawing base ten blocks, using ten frames, etc... Players check each other's work on each turn. The first player to 100 wins!

Get your free copy of Roll to 100!  I have also included a bonus 120 chart! :-) 

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